World Peace Gardens

When I first drove up to the Buckland Estate, the magnificence of the gardens captured my senses. Their regal presence enchanted my heart.

As a Californian beach girl I was in awe of the vast greenery and majestic mountains. My family and I eagerly discovered the secret passageways and experienced the mysteries that they were to reveal.

My vision of seven World Peace Gardens around the world, centred on the seven chakra points will first be realised here at Buckland Hall, in the heart of the heart chakra. The project will continue in the other six chakra points around the globe, in magical places such as Peru, California, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Bali and the Himalayas.

There is an opportunity for you to be part of this earth healing experience by selecting a rose of your choice which can be lovingly embedded in the heart garden. Your support for our project can be shown by donating £35 in return for a rose. The money will be used to make a very significant difference to the well-being of our planet.

“It is the essence of the rose that pulls me to the rose garden. Only love gives value to wealth and power, (Rumi)”

For more information on the World Peace Gardens or to find out how you can assist this project, perhaps through donations, contributions of time, skills and energy or ideas to establish a particular feature or planting, please contact Rhonda Fleming at Buckland Hall 01874 730330


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