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Imagine having you own beautiful country mansion in which you can create your dream wedding. That’s the way Buckland Hall works. You have Exclusive Occupancy – no other guests or activities on the premises – it’s just you and your guests. Think of the freedom that offers. And, we suggest you exploit it! Be imaginative, choose a theme, incorporate your own special ideas - we’ll do whatever we can to make them work for you. I suppose there are limits, but not nearly as many as you’ll find with other venues.

We are licensed for weddings and civil partnerships. There are four rooms to choose from. The largest is the Grand Lounge which can be set up for up to 200 people. It looks stunning with the opulent staircase, large fireplaces and views over the Usk valley. You can decorate it with flowers, candles, cloth, banners – whatever makes it special and beautiful for you.

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Other Celebrations at Buckland Hall
Birthdays, anniversaries, family get-togethers - any good excuse for a party. Buckland Hall can offer a very special experience. It's not a hotel - it's intimate, warm, flexible - think of hiring a place to yourselves where you can have all your friends and family under one roof for a weekend or more. And none of you have to do the cooking and cleaning. So, it's a real break.

One of the most attractive aspects of a celebration at Buckland Hall is having everything under one roof – e.g. ceremony, reception, banquet, party and accommodation. At the end of a night of conversation and revelry, you and your guests just have to climb the stairs. And, you get to enjoy the Bridal Suite with its four-poster bed and huge whirlpool bath.

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