Wedding Banquet Menu

In keeping with our ethos of care for health and the environment, all catering at Buckland Hall follows a lacto-vegetarian cuisine.  We use milk, but no other animal products and try to ensure that our ingredients are local, fresh, mainly, organic. In planning the banquet for your guests, please choose one item for each course.  Special dietary needs can be provided for as required.  Our chefs will be happy to discuss your ideas and to help you devise the menus for the weekend.


Soups (out of many possibilities)
1. Tuscan white bean, tomato and basil with truffle oil
2.  Caramelized carrot and orange with coriander and toasted fennel seeds
3.  Sweet potato and pear with a mini Stilton samosa
4.  Lemongrass, ginger, seasonal vegetable and noodle Laksa

Or Other Starters
1.  Goat’s cheese crostini, roasted beetroot with walnut and maple dressed salad leaves
2.  Chargrilled vegetable Bruschetta with a mature Cheddar and white wine sabayon
3.  Welsh Rarebit topped Portobello mushroom with watercress and ruby chard
4.  Butternut squash, feta and rosemary baked polenta pastry tartlet with lemon oil
5.  Herby brown bread dusted deep fried Brie with cranberry and redcurrant compote

Main course

1.  Individual baked leek, parsnip and Puy lentil pudding with a shallot and red wine jus
2.  Baked aubergine topped with lentil moussaka and a herb and Cheddar crust
3.  Wild mushroom, caramelized onion and sage strudel with smoked tomato sauce
4.  Spiced seasonal vegetable koftas, wild and white organic rice with aromatic tomato and caraway sauce
5.  Welsh Glamorgan Sausages with a heady Penderyn malt whisky crème
6.  Caramelized red onion, wild thyme and goats cheese tartlet with a pungent juniper berry and port reduction
7.  Creamy Cannelloni filled with spinach & homemade curd
8. Aubergine fritter stacked with milk-curd steak & tomato topped with fried leeks.
9. Creamy mushrooms in puff pastry topped with a molten cheese sauce and deep-fried onions, encircled by a cranberry coulis.
10.  Baked Tomatoes with a fill of cous cous, pine nuts, sweetcorn and celery presented on a bed of spinach with a guacamole sauce.

Dessert course

1.  Chocolate truffle, brandy and Amoretti biscuit torte with chocolate shards and vanilla crème
2.  Red wine poached pears with pistachios and lemon sorbet
3.  Champagne, lavender and lemon syllabub with the season’s berries and shortbread
4.  American baked blueberry cheesecake and coconut Chantilly
5.  Tiramisu
6.  Profiteroles topped with white and dark chocolate sauces and strawberries
7.  A grand selection of Welsh cheeses, oatcakes and apple chutney

Coffee and Mint Chocolates

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