We are fortunate to be host to a wide range of courses, workshops and retreats - many of which are open to the public.

Calendar of Events
Click here for Calendar of open events for the current year. The Calendar also provides the contact details for Event Organisers.

Booking your place
Please contact the relevant Organisers directly and they will provide more information about their event and guide you on prices and booking procedures. We naturally like to work with organizations and facilitators of integrity, but we are not able to take responsibility for the content of any course or event held at Buckland Hall. Our role is to provide the venue and, in most cases, the catering.

Enquiries to us
If you have any enquiry that we, as the host, may be better able to help you with, please use our Email Enquiry Form

Private stays
Because we are a venue for residential groups, mostly having exclusive occupancy, we aren’t usually able to offer accommodation to others. However, there are occasions when it may be possible – and it might be worth contacting us to see if such opportunities might suit you.


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