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Wales’s most amazing retreat centre
Buckland Hall is an amazing country mansion operating as a venue for hire for retreats, courses, get-togethers – any type of event particularly requiring exclusive use for privacy, focus and fun. Graded as 4-star by the Wales Tourist Board.

Staying at Buckland Hall isn't like being in a hotel.
It is a unique venue in which you create your own mood, schedule and space.

Retreats, Training & Courses
Buckland Hall is ideal for retreats involving personal development and transformation. It is also well used for training events and team building. Because you can opt for Exclusive Occupancy, you have the potential to create your own mood and atmosphere. Buckland Hall stands within its own estate and there is no one to disturb your programme and very little that you could possibly do to disturb others.
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Groups can use the Grand Lounge as their main social area or as a meeting or activity space. There are six other activity rooms which can be set up just as you need them. Some are particularly suited to body work or for presentations or voice work.
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All meals are wholly vegetarian and we are happy to plan the menu to suit your specific needs. We aim to use as much local and organic produce as practical. Lunches and dinners are served to the table “home style” which enhances the convivial atmosphere. There is a permanent tea station offering teas, coffees (or not, if you want) as well as a range of herbal teas. Also, fresh water from our own spring is freely available at all times – in fact, you will notice the difference as you bathe in it.
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There are magical places within the gardens and we encourage our clients and guests to take advantage of these areas for activities, ceremonies as well as fun and games.
Buckland Hall is the only retreat centre with a Four-star grading – and it’s well deserved as the bedrooms are excellently appointed with pleasant and simple décor. All have en-suite bathrooms. There are five family rooms and these have an extra toilet along with the bathroom – so even with four delegates, there is no panic in the morning. There are a total of 68 bed-spaces, but we can provide for additional residents, if needed.
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We draw our clientele from all parts of UK and often from abroad and there are good road and rail links particularly via Abergavenny.
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Outdoor activities & Team building
All of the benefits and characteristics of Buckland Hall described above also apply to events which feature outdoor activities for training, courses or team building. Many activities can be carried out within the estate. The Brecon Beacons is renowned for its range of more adventurous opportunities and we are only minutes from mountain hiking, abseiling, canoeing, 4x4 tracks, pot-holing etc. If you want, we can put you in contact with specialists in the area.
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Health, Well-being & Holism
For all the same reasons that Buckland Hall works so well for Retreats (see above), it is especially suitable for courses and programmes offering training and treatments in complimentary medicine and holistic well-being. You have complete control of the environment and what your clients have access to at any time. There need be no distractions or temptations.

Our staff are expert and sensitive and provide an exceptionally supportive mood for guests undergoing physical or emotional therapy.

You can exactly specify the menu which could involve anything from 100% raw to juice fasting. Everything is specified by you and we ensure that it is all provided with seamless efficiency, but in a way that does not intrude on your feeling that Buckland is your space.
There are spaces for your guests to relax, to have classes, do bodywork or yoga and also four rooms that can be set up as individual treatment spaces. Your guests will particularly appreciate the spring water for drinking and bathing, the absolute peace and tranquillity of the mansion and the healing power of the estate.


Family & Community Get-togethers
Perhaps, you are looking to hold a family or community get-together or reunion, but not necessarily with all the splendour and pizzazz of a wedding or other celebration. Just as Buckland Hall is perfect for retreats (see above), so it will cast its magic on your gathering. Gather everyone under one roof and just relax, have fun or hold your own programme as you like. You won’t disturb anyone and no one will disturb you. Children are welcome and are under your care and supervision.

You won’t have any work to do. We’ll handle all the catering and cleaning, but, as much as possible, we keep out of your main social and activity areas so that you feel totally at ease. We can sleep up to 68 guests in beds, but we can provide extra mattresses and bedding, if needed.

You’ll enjoy walks and activities in the estate or go for trips and excursions to experience the sights and adventure of the Brecon Beacons. Even if it rains, the mansion is so large that no one minds.



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